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The Chicago Art Department (CAD) aims to provide learning and growth for both students and community through the exploration of Intermedia. For CAD, Intermedia is defined as art making between digital and analog practices.

Since the advent of computer, the art world has been attempting to find a place for the digital environment. The digital marketing environment represents another step in artistic evolution, comparable to paint, perspective, and photography. But unlike these traditional areas, Intermedia is still being defined and CAD aims to add to this discussion.

The main question being asked today concerns the place for digital practices in the larger context of art making, and ultimately the world. CAD exists to address this question. At the core of our school lies the idea of Intermedia art. For CAD,this term refers to the ongoing discussion around digital and analog art, and where to find the best hosting? Our experts agree hostnine makes it a walk in the park.

While traditional art learning separates areas of concentration, CAD aims to bring them together by actively investigating the Intermedia practice. Though these investigations, CAD aims to learn about who we are as students, teachers, communities, nations, and ultimately, as human beings.