Fall 2004
Pilot Program



The Chicago Art Department currently operates out of the TransAmoeba Community Space. TransAmoeba is a spacious yet homey 2-level 3,000 sq. ft loft, which serves as artist studios, rehearsal space, and community gathering center.

A True interMEDIA SchoolHouse
The Chicago Art Department is an environment specifically catered to the interMEDIA artist. While most art making environments are designed around the needs of a specific discipline or media, the Chicago Art Department environment has been established to facilitate connections between media and disciplines. Each workshop area has been set-up to not only accomodate but actually encourage working between the digital and the analog.

Real World Art-Making Space
Chicago Art Department members are provided with a unique opportunity to learn and make art in a full-time, fully operational artist studio. Yes! When school is not in session artists are still working here into the wee hours of the night. We believe this may provide many intangible learning opportunities. Students can not only learn in a classroom environment, but make immediate and direct connections to their own real-world artmaking situations.

State of the Art Digital Equipment
The Chicago Art Department

NOTE: TransAmoeba is home to 4 cats. You may want to take this into consideration if you are allergic to cats. Past students have been able to work in the space with proper allergy medicine.