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The Internet Resource for the Chicago Art Department. Check em' out.


Intermedia Arts
Rooted in the Twin Cities, Intermedia Arts is a gathering place where the arts engage community members to build connections, locally and globally.

Experimental Intermedia
Experimental Intermedia, based in New York City, was founded in 1968 by Elaine Summers to provide organizational support for artists working in intermedia forms.

Fylkingen New Music & Intermedia Arts
Fylkingen is a society, consisting primarily of practicing artists, devoted to the production and promotion of new music and intermedia art. Since its foundation in 1933...


The South Loop arts collective and community center which hosts the Chicago Art Department.

One of the hardest workin' dudes in the Chicago arts scene. Just ask him..."simple mission here: I plan do as much as possible with my art and endeavors. Most anything I do can be found on this site."

Myke Adams
A veteran of the underground arts scene, Myke Adams is a painter and producer of arts events and tours.

Cooperative Image Group
creates public arts education programs with youth of communities in need. Through collaboration between Chicago area artists and youth, Co-op Image strives to strengthen community through multimedia arts education.


Zero One Projects
Zero One Projects is the professional visual communications company run by CAD instructors Mike Nourse and Nat Soti.

A chicago-area digital printing service, offering affordable deals on flyers, business cards, postcards and more.

PS Print
Another good online digital printing service. Very user-friendly and reliable. Offers a great range of products from business cards, flyers, posters, to booklets and stickers.